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Sulzer Road

You’ve reached Montrose Ave. Did you know that Montrose Avenue is named for James G Montrose, the Marquis of Hamilton, a Scottish noble and Royalist leader in the reign of Charles I?

We have a better candidate for the name of this street: Sulzer Street.

Conrad Sulzer was a Swiss immigrant to the US. He was among the first Europeans to settle in this area. A truck farmer, his family remained active in the area well into the 20th Century.

Grace Sulzer established the Sulzer Family Foundation to ensure that civic, social and educational organizations continue to thrive and enrich the community founded by her grandfather.

And we think this should seal the deal. The street you are at the corner of? It was renamed to Montrose from Sulzer.

Ravenswood School (3)

The outside of Ravenswood School has remained relatively unchanged since a north and south wing were added to the building about 1912.

So much has changed since Conrad Sulzer pioneered this land. We’d like you to join us with a remembrance from an unknown early settler after the break.

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