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This is a self-guided tour of the Ravenswood neighborhood. The tour starts at the Metra Stop for Ravenswood and proceeds south along Commercial Avenue (now Hermitage). The people who lived along the route, the architecture and the history of the area will be discussed.
The tour is under two miles and is flat.
Do not park on Ravenswood north of Lawrence as the parking there is private. There is public parking on Ravenswood south of Lawrence both east and west of the Metra railroad. There is also metered parking on Lawrence.
Most side streets in this area are not zoned, meaning you can park on most side streets.
There are numerous restaurants available for relief and refreshment. They are located on Ravenswood, Lawrence, Irving Park and Montrose. A small play lot is available near the end of the tour. In summer the play lot will have a working water fountain.
Near the end of the tour is a large city park with rest rooms and working water fountains.
The tour will use geo-location from your cellular device in the future. It is currently available off-line.
For your convenience, the tour is published below.

MAP OF THE TOUR (Letters do not correspond to any address)