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4228 North Hermitage Avenue


4228 N Hermitage Ave., the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Credit: Cook County Assessor


A decision regarding the residency of Rahm hung on his assertion that he had stored personal possessions in the home, showing his intent to return. The residents, not aware of the storage, denied there were any such storage. Credit: NBC Chicago

This is the home of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his wife Amy Rule. They purchased the home in 1998. At the time Emanuel was an investment banker and a member of the board of directors of Freddie Mac. In 2002 Emanuel became the Congressman for the 5th Illinois Congressional District, succeeding former Governor Rod Blagojevich in that post.
In 2010 the building became an object of intense media interest. Long-time Mayor Richard M Daley announced he would not run for reelection in September 2010. Emanuel, then the Chief of Staff for US President Barack Obama, announced he would run for the office.
Burt Odelson, a well-known election law attorney, filed challenges to Emanuel’s candidacy on behalf of Walter P Maksym Jr. and Thomas L McMahon. Soon a crowded field of objectors had joined the challenge.
At issue was whether Emanuel, by renting the home to take up his position at the White House, had forfeited his city residency, a requirement to run for mayor.
The tenant, Rob Halpin, not only testified against Emanuel, but filed to run for the office also.
Emanuel stated that he always intended to return to the home. He further alleged that he had stored Amy Rules’s wedding dress, his children’s first clothes, books, diplomas and other items in the home. As the hearing progressed, it became clear that the decision could hang on the storage Emanuel alleged was happening.
Lori Halpin, Rob Halpin’s wife, testified before an elections hearing that “there have never been boxes in the house that weren’t mine.”
However, attorneys for Emanuel were able to produce photographs of an area of the house that Lori Halpin had not been able to access.
The election hearing decided in favor of Emanuel, a decision that was upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court.


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