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4232 North Paulina Street

Balustrades and stair railings are probably new; other detailing may also be added.
Note the intact window surrounds, sharply pitched roof.


Captain Hale Knight was originally a sea captain who had a significant professional disability: according to one neighbor, he “never crossed the ocean without being somewhat seasick.” He and his wife bought this house from Robert J. Bennett in 1888.

4232 N Paulina. Credit: Google Street View

4232 N Paulina. Credit: Google Street View

The Knights were one of the early families in Ravenswood. They moved into a rented house on Hermitage in 1873. In a reminiscence in Sulzer Library, Fannie Knight wrote that during their first year in Ravenswood the only local source for groceries was a grocery wagon that passed through the neighborhood once a week and a meat wagon that called twice a week. The nearest butcher was in Lake View at Clark and Diversey. The closest grocer was in Lake View. too. So, the Knights gave J.H. Bruns a hearty welcome when he opened a grocery store on East Ravenswood Avenue in 1874.
The Knights’ daughter, Fannie, and her husband, Dr. Alben Young, moved into the house in 1897 to live with her widowed father. Dr. Young was on the original staff of Ravenswood Hospital when it was opened in 1905.


CCL Survey. Recorder of Deeds Office. No permit for original construction. Permit NW 34447, File 3048 on 11/1/1911. 1880 Census. Historical records.


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