One comment on “Vintage Lake View History Panel

  1. My name is Joseph Nugara
    I owned and restored the home at 4224 N. Hermitage
    A little of the history is as follows:

    Every piece of carpentry that you see on the front in the present Condition of the Hermitage house was personally designed, cut, installed and painted BY ME over a three month process in 1985. Including the semi circular 2nd floor architectural Palladian window decor above the porch window, I cut all Ginger bread, turned posts, restored scalloped siding and all decorative window drip elements, victorian screen door The leaded glass panel on front door was designed and constructed by my wife Maryann. Mary and I stripped and stained the interior wood work and doors and a lot more like installing the new HVAC system. I have before (squalored condition) and during construction pictures of the entire project. Very proud of our creation. We sold it in 1989.

    I bought the home in 1977 from my mother in law. Maryann’s parents purchased the home in 1953 and raised their family in the home. The rest of the remodeling can be credited to the present owner.

    The home can be seen in the movie “Men Don’t Leave” staring Jessica Lang.

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