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4307 North Hermitage

Look at the intact wooden ornament, including eccentric mixture of Italianate brackets and fleur-de-lis cutouts under the gable’s cornice. The bay on west facade, window surrounds, recessed double front doors with coffered jamb and window transom, and possibly original porch. Note the elongated windows. Possible addition adjacent to front porch, as well as rear porch addition. The main entrance to the house was off Cullom, because this house apparently predated the one immediately to its south, which is said to have been built on this house’s front lawn. The small house just east of the corner lot was the carriage house for 4307.

4307 N Hermitage. Credit: Google Street View

4307 N Hermitage. Credit: Google Street View


The Cole family purchased the lots for 4307 and 4303 in 1872, just three years after Ravenswood was platted. The first owner was Martin Cole, a realtor; the second, John Cole, a surveyor and engineer; and the third, Arthur Cole, an architect, who designed several homes in Ravenswood. The construction date of the house is not clear, although, John Cole was living in Ravenswood as early as 1875, possibly in
this house. While in Ravenswood John Cole worked on the sewer system mentioned earlier. Also, in 1884 he helped redesign the Lake View Pumping Station at Montrose and Halsted, which first brought lake water to the Township in 1875. Prior to this time, and even after, shallow wells were the main source of water. Most house also had cisterns.
In later years John and Arthur Cole lived in Hyde Park, while Martin lived on the west Side. Presumably the houses were rented; for example, Robert McLean, the editor of the Inland Architect, lived in one of the houses from 1887 until 1890.


No Permit. Recorder of Deeds Office; 1880 Census. Historical records.


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